Chilled Narabi Bafun Uni 250G
Chilled Narabi Bafun Uni 250G (KLANG VALLEY ONLY)
Chilled Narabi Bafun Uni 250G
Chilled Narabi Bafun Uni 250G (KLANG VALLEY ONLY)
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Chilled Narabi Bafun Uni 250G (KLANG VALLEY ONLY)

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About the Product

Bafun uni , is compact in size and comes from a smaller sea urchin, harvested from much deeper ocean depths. This gives the uni a bolder taste that’s rich in umami and slightly bitter notes. Due to its size and distinct flavor, bafun uni is best suited for cooked dishes and sauces. It has a dark orange color, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as aka uni, or red sea urchin.

What is Narabi & Bara ? 

Bara Uni is an arrangement that Uni farmers use to create a woven alignment of Uni. Bara tends to be a bit smaller than narabi but chefs love it as much as the smaller pieces of uni can sometimes have an even higher concentration of umami in them!

The ‘Narabi’ arrangement of uni refers to consistent sizes and perfectly shaped portions of uni being hand-picked rather than the random and odd pieces you will see for ‘bara’ uni; hence narabi uni commands a premium.

Different between Uni Bara and Uni Narabi only the arrangement, type of uni is the same .

How To Store

• To be kept in the refrigerator, NOT FREEZER  .

 •  Recommend finishing it within 5-7 days upon received . 


Packaging and brand may vary ,  But we can guarantee you will always get a quality product from us .

> All uni prices are market price as they change every week .
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