Eyeball (Nama Medama 1KG)
Eyeball (Nama Medama 1KG)
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Frozen Maguro Eyeball (Nama Medama 2KG)

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About The Product

Japanese chefs cook the fleshy, tennis ball–sized eyeballs as appetizers or bar snacks. The eye consists of a hard exterior, known as the sclera, which holds the lens, the iris, and gelatinous fluid. When cooked, the sclera is usually too chewy to eat, but the inner contents of the eye become soft, and can be easily sucked out like bone marrow.

Chefs often lightly braise eyeballs in a mixture of soy sauce and mirin or sautée them with sesame oil and ginger. The eyeballs themselves are rather bland—most tasters liken them to squid, mussels, or or hard-boiled egg.

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