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Farmed Shima Aji
Farmed Shima Aji  (Striped Jack)
Farmed Shima Aji
Farmed Shima Aji  (Striped Jack)
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Fresh Chilled Shima Aji (Striped Jack) 縞鰺 1kg+-/pc

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About the Product

Shima Aji 縞鯵 • Striped Jack Mackerel

Shima aji is a small fish that’s popular as sushi and sashimi. It tastes like a cross between saba (mackerel) and kanpachi (greater amberjack, like leaner yellowtail). It’s light and buttery with very tender flesh and just a bit of fat.

Shima-aji is most commonly served as nigiri or sashimi.  The most traditional preparation is to simply brush with nikiri (sweetened soy sauce).


Pre-Order Note

• The estimated process time is usually about 7 - 10 days from every Wednesday cut-off at 8PM .

• Once we received the shipment from Japan , it usually takes 24 - 48 hours to process for delivery.


> We do not provide slicing or filleting servive to preserve the freshness of the fishes .

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