Fresh Anago from Nagasaki
Lived Chilled Anago
Fresh Anago from Nagasaki
Lived Chilled Anago
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Live Chilled Ocean Conger Eel (Anago) From Nagasaki 200-300g/pc x 1kg Box

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About the Product

Cooked saltwater eel is called Anago in Japan.

It’s extremely popular in Japanese cuisine. Sushi, tempura, and kabayaki are common anago dishes.
The flavor of anago (アナゴ, 穴子) is sweet but delicate .

What is Ikejime ?

Ikejime (活け締め) is a method of killing fish which also maintains the quality of its meat.

Harvested with the ike jime method, fish can be refrigerated for weeks when safely stored in a vacuum sealed bag or airtight container. This process not only makes the fish taste better – it also lasts longer, has zero smell, and reduces waste as it won’t spoil nearly as fast, allowing you to respect the fish and the fishery to the maximum ability.

Pre-Order Note

• The estimated process time is usually about 7 - 10 days from every Wednesday cut-off at 8PM .

• Once we received the shipment from Japan , it usually takes 24 - 48 hours to process for delivery.


> We do not provide slicing or filleting servive to preserve the freshness of the fishes .

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